Adrienne Hart

and the

Rhinestone Grannies are Back!!

Here are some of our retired members of the Rhinestone Grannies.  Thank you for all you have contributed.

Betty Cleveland, 92, (ret) has four sons, and 15 grandchildren. Betty  danced for over 20 years, including ballet, ballroom, tap, jazz and line dancing. She has also won gold medals in the Senior Olympics, she walks two miles a day and loves to boogie board! She performed in the Senior Follies for two years and the Rhinestone Grannies for 13 years.

Crystal Heringer, 82, (ret) has four sons. and 15 grandchildren. She has danced for 26 years, in tap, jazz, line dance and hip hop. She assisted Adrienne in running the day to day operations of the troupe. Crystal performed with the Rhinestone Grannies for 13 years.

Donna Gieger, 88, (ret) has three children, five grandchildren. Donna taught dancing for 60 years specializing in tap at her studio, the Dance Carousel. Donna was with the Rhinestone Grannies for 13 years..

Charlyn Marks, 76, (ret) has three children and nine grandchildren. Among her many talents are singing, dancing, playing the harp, and sewing. She made most of the costumes for the group, and was the assistant to the choreographer.  Charlyn was with the Rhinestone Grannies for 12 years.

Karen Bain, 66, (ret) has three children, two stepchildren and seven grandchildren. She has been dancing Hula and Tahitian for over 50 years. Although Polynesian dance is her first love, she enjoyed all forms of dance. Karen performed with the Rhinestone Grannies for 9 years.

We have more retired members to acknowledge.

More to come soon.